Haiola Scripture Publishing Software

Haiola converts USFM files to usable Bible formats.

Would you like to convert USFM files from Paratext, Bibledit, Adapt It, or another source to formats usable by end users?
Would you like to convert Every Tribe Every Nation (ETEN) Digital Bible Library (DBL) bundles into usable formats?
Would you like a little help normalizing USFM files for submission to the ETEN DBL?
If so, you might like to use Haiola.

Haiola is a free and open source Bible file format converter. It takes any of the following inputs:

Haiola produces the following output formats:

Note that further formats can be produced from the above formats. EPUB3 files can be converted to Amazon Kindle .mobi files using Kindlegen. The WordML output can be converted to various formats using Microsoft Word 2006 or later or the current LibreOffice Writer. Additional conversions are also possible using SIL Pathway.

Haiola can be used in do-it-yourself projects using the software directly. You may also be interested in Scripture publishing services where I use Haiola to create the above formats plus InScript and also add the Bible translation to the eBible.org Crosswire Sword repository. This service is free for qualified Bible translation projects in exchange for open access licensing allowing redistribution. Please contact Michael Johnson for details.

Haiola is the continuation of both the Prophero (SEPP) and WordSend (Onyx) open source Scripture publishing software projects.

Haiola Scripture publishing software is under development. So is this documentation. Please use it only at your own risk, and with frequent backups of your data. We try to keep it reliable, but make no guarantees.

Please remember that in publishing Scripture:

The current Haiola documentation assumes that you are very familiar with computers and file systems. Some knowledge of programming is helpful.

Note: the mailing list mentioned above is for announcements about Haiola and Michael's Scripture publishing news only, and does not allow posting by anyone besides list manager (currently Kahunapule Michael Johnson), so those messages won't overfill your inbox.

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