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You may download the current version of Haiola here:

File name Description
Manual setup files for Windows or Linux. Install mono and/or Microsoft .NET 4.5, then unzip to a folder and run from there. The folder can be on a flash drive or your hard disk drive. The manual part of the setup is creating startup scripts or icons yourself.
Windows installer. I build and test on Windows 11, but it should theoretically work on some older versions of Windows as long as the prerequisites are met. Use anything older than Windows 7 at your own risk.
haiola.htm Current documentation for Haiola.
Manual setup files for Windows or Linux for an older version that still supports frames and old-style HTML concordance generation. Install mono and/or Microsoft .NET 4.5, then unzip to a folder and run from there. The folder can be on a flash drive or your hard disk drive. The manual part of the setup is creating startup scripts or icons yourself.
Windows installer for an older version that still supports frames and old-style HTML concordance generation.

Version Change
2023-04-29 Now handles empty footnotes in USX files by ignoring them. (Yes, there are some like that in the DBL.) Working on separating out a command line only version (imua).
2022-11-07 Allowed \jmp in footnote. Styled \em to be italics in PDF, HTML, and ePub.
2022-09-22 Improved XeLaTeX file generation for better PDF creation.
2022-06-22 Security update in dependency package. Improved cooperation between processes when running multiple copies of Haiola on a large number of projects.
2022-06-03 Modified for better support of USFM 3.
2021-12-30 Added speed optimization for usx .zip file handling.
2021-12-20 Added support for new USFM tag \qd.
2021-12-11 Adjusted UI to be a little more understandable. Replaced Paratext project selection with a more flexible custom source file location that can be any version of Paratext, Bibledit, or another program's project directory if that other program uses USFM.
2021-05-19 Started UI rework-- not complete. Added support for a couple of new USFM 3.0 tags.
2020-07-23 Implemented a work-around for a bug in the Sword Project library that loses data when a Psalm canonical title is included in verse 1 and there is more to the verse after the title ends.
2020-06-30 Added support for some changes in Paratext and USFM 3.
2020-01-10 Added support for more books supported by Paratext and USFM 3. Several small improvements.
2019-07-22 Corrected a problem with bookorder.txt not filtering out books in all output formats.
2019-04-26 Added readaloud text format to the output options. Added support for limited color coded Bibles like the SourceView and RGB editions. Color output only works in plain HTML, ePub, and XeTeX/PDF when full color output is enabled.
2018-05-10 Made USFM output more Paratext-compatible in regenerated note origins, where notes are in section headings. Lowered the threshold of long word length for disabling two column XeLaTeX output to address the problem of text running into the margin.
2018-04-26 Corrected false error message introduced with the last version.
2018-04-24 Corrected problem that prevented PDF generation. Added built-in support for CC-BY licenses. Removed DBS proprietary code in plugin-manager and plugin. Added new free/libre open source Browser Bible generation function.
2018-02-08 Adjusted USX import to adapt to changes in the ETEN DBL output (which added a directory level to Scripture bundles).
2018-01-04 Altered SQL output to allow verse segments (like verses 4a and 4b).
2017-12-04 Added a feature to automatically switch to Paratext 8 input when a project is migrated from Paratext 7.x and that was the input source.
2017-11-28 Corrected a problem where "Mark Ready" didn't mark Paratext 8 projects.
2017-11-23 Corrected a deficiency affecting HTML to TeX conversions. Corrected a problem with Strong's number and figure handling.
2017-10-11 Added "Anonymous" checkbox to copyright tab to meet safety needs of Bible translators in certain creative access areas.
2017-09-15 Fixed bug in digit localization affecting some nonroman script Bible translations.
2017-09-09 Improved error handling for less than perfect input markup. Made \fig tag USFM output version selectable.
2017-08-18 Fixed problem handling verse segments (like verses 1a and 1b).
2017-08-01 Removed one unused button from the user interface.
2017-07-27 Added compatibility with Paratext 8 and USFM 3.0.
2016-12-28 Corrected some file omission problems with the installation files. Removed the word "color" from PDF index for a PDF that is no longer color.
2016-12-21 Replaced the Windows installer. Numerous enhancements and bug fixes. Dropped Mac support for lack of manpower to support it properly. (If you fiddle with a manual install, it might work, but I haven't tested it. Running in a Linux or Windows virtual machine would probably be a better plan for Mac users.) Upgraded to Microsoft .NET 4.5. Removed the dependency on Java.
2015-09-30 Added missing file covertemplate.svg to the Windows installer.
2015-09-29 Corrected a serious bug in the Windows installer. Added XeTeX generation (a first step in the process of generating PDFs).
2015-08-06 Added Sword module configuration file generation code. If the Sword utility osis2mod is in your executable path, Haiola will attempt to make Sword modules for you.
2015-08-03 Corrected problem with Windows installation file.
2015-07-16 Corrected problem with USFM normalization. Added option to regenerate origin references for footnotes, cross references, and figures as required by new Paratext checks. Added optional postprocessing automation via postprocess.bat in the input directory.
2015-05-14 Added WordML generation. Corrected problem with cover handling. Changed output target directory for sql files to be consistent with the other formats. Starts window minimized when run with -a command line switch.
2015-03-18 Refined epub generation. Corrected a problem with svg cover generation.
2015-02-18 Added beta-level epub 3 generation. The epub files also have epub 2 navigation for some level of backward compatibility with old epub readers, but best results come from using real epub3 readers. There were also some refinements to the USFX schema validation and some other minor enhancements.
2014-12-04 Corrected problem with reference detection, fixing broken link generation. Updated USFX generation and validation. Updated USFX schema.
2014-10-14 Updated XSLT code to handle references to one-chapter books better. (Thanks, Jim!)
2014-10-08 Added option to vary footnote callers.
2014-07-27 Added some more metadata fields and rearranged the font and CSS blanks to be on the same tab.
2014-07-02 Fixed bug affecting section header index pages for Bibles having markup like \add in those section headings. Removed target="_top" from section header index page links for Mobile HTML and Classic HTML. Added a couple of metadata fields for future use.
2014-06-27 Added some MySQL output.
2014-06-05 Bug fix affecting support for USFM extension tags to support lossless conversion of the USFX tag.
2014-06-04 Added support for USFM extension tags to support lossless conversion of the USFX tag. Made a speed improvement.
2014-05-16 Decluttered UI with settings button and integrating "Stats" function into "Run Marked". Added preliminary MySQL output. Improved the Mobile HTML format, dropping CSS dropdown menus in favor of separate book and chapter chooser pages.
2014-04-24 Added ETEN DBL metadata file import from usx/metadata.xml. Added more fields to the UI.
2014-04-18 Adjusted UI for smaller screens. Handled problem with USFM file ending with a table.
2014-03-31 Added USX import feature.
2014-03-13 Added new simple mobile HTML format that works better with rtl and nonroman scripts. Corrected Mac OS distribution bug.
2014-02-06 Improved imposis2xml.exe to support red letters. Some cosmetic changes.
2014-01-17 Forced short translation ID and project directory name to match. Added feature to reorder projects when one depends on another, i.e. for orthography changes, etc.
2014-01-02 Fixed bugs in imposis2xml.exe command line program. Added output format that can be imported into BibleWorks.
2013-12-20 Added imposis2xml.exe command line program and minimal documentation for included command line programs.
2013-12-11 Added ℗ notice field. Added usfx2mosis.exe command line program.
2013-11-23 Corrected bug in handling of conversion from USFM \fp to OSIS. Clarified some field labels on the identification tab.
2013-11-06 Added font name option to avoid the disappearing text when nonroman script information is added to certain vernacular fields. Suspended updates of Mac version until someone lets me know they are actually using it) to save build and testing time. Still testing on both Windows and Linux.
2013-11-02 Corrected setup bug affecting reference link detection feature.
2013-10-30 Corrected bug in handling empty books. Changed font for application to Gentium to display more Unicode characters in forms.
2013-10-14 Added XSLT set to convert human-readable internal Scripture references to ref tags.
2013-09-25 Added Statistics tab.
2013-09-11 Added feature to remember project selections between sessions.
2013-09-10 Corrected bug in Paratext project linking.
2013-09-03 Corrected bug in navigation generation when TDX is present. Added feature to directly read Paratext projects for input. (Selecting book subset not yet implemented.)
2013-08-29 Corrected the locale*.conf file output for Sword project input (located in the output/mosis directory).
2013-08-28 Added lang attribute to tags. Chrome might still tell me that lots of things are Malay that aren't, but at least it won't be my fault, now. :-)
2013-08-15 Moved bottom-of-chapter navigation block to above footnotes in HTML output for better reading ease.
2013-08-12 Added checkbox to indicate subset projects (i.e. protestant 66-book Bible extracted from a larger Bible with Deuterocanon/Apocrypha) to make statistics counting more accurate.
2013-08-09 Made verse processing tolerant of a Unicode RLM (right-to-left marker) character before a dash in a verse bridge. Spares you warning messages-- no real errors would have happened unless you had 2 verse bridges in a row.
2013-08-08 Added status tracking checkboxes. Added plugin version safety check.
2013-08-06 Added basic support for extended footnotes and cross references. Added customization option for generated note origin markers. Added custom cascading style sheet name option.
2013-08-05 Several bug fixes. Enhanced (Modified) OSIS generation for better compatibility with the Sword Project. Added support for nested styles in USFM 2.4. Changed compilers and setup system builders, so we recommend uninstalling old versions before installing this one or later, as the program gets put in a different place and old files would not be overwritten.
2013-01-04 Corrected bug in USFX ve tag placement in USFX files right after b tags. Made \toc2 titles primary for book navigation instead of \h headers, but still fall back to \h. Made book name entry totally rely on standard \toc# \h and \mt# tags instead of Haiola state storage so that this information survives a trip into the Digital Bible Library. Corrected a navigational bug in the concordance structure (\ where / belonged in a web path).
2012-12-20 Corrected some concordance generation and display bugs.
2012-12-15 Updated USFX schema. Made USFM exception to not call // after http: a line break.
2012-12-07 Corrected some navigation bugs in concordance+frame set HTML generation.
2012-11-28 Corrected a couple of issues pertaining to MOSIS generation. Merged in more concordance generation tweaks. MOSIS generation now passes all tests except that reference tags are still not generated.
2012-11-22 Improved concordance generation. Better Modified OSIS generation, but still needs work on reference tags.
2012-11-02 Fixed bug in USFX import that caused some significant spaces between tags to be omitted.
Fixed a concordance bug and stopped Haiola from launching the default browser after each project when running all marked projects. Made the default prophero.css refer to a subsetted Andika font to save bandwidth on mobile phones.
Corrected a bug in image presence testing with no htmlextras directory. Implemented more number writing system options.
Made Haiola automatically change image file name extensions to match what is in the htmlextras directory. Added code to launch the default browser after processing only the highlighted project.
Added code to merge identification and copyright fields into HTML elements. Made an easy way to copy boiler plate from a template project.
Added support for including illustrations in HTML Bibles.
Corrected bugs in usfx2usfm.exe and usfm2usfx.exe that caused them not to run as packaged.
Corrected a bug in the custom book order feature. Added standard crossreference merge option.
Added feature to allow custom book orderings for different church traditions. Added a new command line utility called massregex to facilitate converting files to USFM from old formats.
2012-08-31 Added the ability to use 1-chapter-per-file USFM files for Source input. Added some statistical tracking, output to scorecard.txt.
2012-08-02 Added additional HTML generation options for static concordance and/or frame-based navigation. Some limitations apply. Please see the documentation. Added command line automated run option.
Minimal handling (as a comment) of \periph added. This release is also a test of the release scripts.
Initial cross-platform installer release
Initial Windows-only version -- does not support the full USFM specification. Requires Python, Perl, and Consistent Changes runtime installations as well as a .NET runtime and some manual setup. Not supported.

Source code repository including source for much older versions.